If you are still relying on an employee within the business to fix issues you are having with your IT, you’re denying your business the chance to perform at its 100%. By outsourcing your IT to the professionals, you are adding so much more value to your business and here are some reasons why: 1.     […]

The use of social media is extremely popular for consumers and businesses alike. Today it’s a well-accepted form of communication and information sharing.  However it’s important for you set guidelines for the proper use of social media in the workplace, and ensure your employees understand them. If your employees use social media improperly this can […]

Check out this great infographic from Magiclogix. Click on the graphic below to expand.

Have you heard about Heartbleed? Google and security firm Codenomicon recently released details about the dangerous security flaw, also known as Heartbleed, in OpenSSL Web servers. OpenSSL is used to secure communications between servers and clients on the Internet. Heartbleed enables hackers to access websites and steal sensitive data from affected versions of OpenSSL. If […]

As you’ve likely seen, a major online security vulnerability dubbed “Heartbleed” has headlined recent technology news cycles.  To help you scan your environment for this OpenSSL flaw, the team at BeyondTrust is offering you full use of their BeyondSaaS Cloud-Based Vulnerability Assessment engine at no cost for 90-days. Go here to start scanning. Existing clients, […]

Web Filtering at the Workplace There are things to take into consideration while deciding if you want to incorporate web filters into your place of business or not. Installing web filters helps make sure that your employees are using the Internet strictly for business purposes and focusing on their jobs. The Internet can be dangerous […]

Malware, a term used to describe malicious software, is designed to damage or disable computers. Malware includes viruses, spyware, adware, and various other types of harmful software. But what type of impact does malware have on your computer? Malware impacts your computer in the following ways: Disrupts operations. Steals sensitive information. Allows unauthorized access to […]

Have you ever considered using your iPad to present during a conference or meeting? It’s a fantastic tool for presentations! The iPad is light, convenient, and simple to use. If you’re looking to improve your presentations, here’s a few tips for presenting with the iPad: 1.     Keep it Simple Your presentation should be simple and […]

Cybercriminals are taking advantage of your curiosity with the latest telephone scam! If your telephone rings and the call appears to be from area code 473, don’t answer the call. This scam, designed to charge you outrageous rates for answering the phone, has been around for years. And it’s striking again so beware. Many victims […]

On April 8th, 2014, Google and security firm Codenomicon released details about a security flaw in OpenSSL Web servers. The security flaw, also known as “heartbleed”, enables hackers to access websites and steal massive amounts of data from vulnerable versions of OpenSSL. Warning: Heartbleed Impacts Websites Potentially Used by Your Employees As a business owner, […]