While email is extremely convenient for collaboration and communication, employees tend to use email folders as a personal storage center. When this happens, mass amounts of the organization’s sensitive information resides in an inbox. Does this sound secure to you? Ponemon Institute’s Study on The State of Email Encryption Ponemon Institute conducted a study to […]

(April 8, 2014) — As of today Microsoft has stopped publishing Windows XP patches.  They’ve named today,  “Zero Day Forever.” Zero-day refers to vulnerabilities hackers use to attack your operating system. Microsoft will continue to provide anti-malware for Windows XP through July 14, 2015. However, as of today: Microsoft will technically stop supporting the Windows […]

Here’s a little surprise for you: your email isn’t as private as you’d like to think! Sure, we don’t expect the Internet to be very private, but most of us would like to believe our emails are private. But in reality, your unprotected emails can easily be intercepted during transmission to the recipient. When you’re […]

If you’re still keeping your IT support in-house, you might want to change your mind after reading why that’s a bad idea. By outsourcing your IT support, you will be choosing first class IT service providers, to keep your data private and protected, and to always have your technology kept up-to-date. More and more companies […]

Manufacturing companies create and store extensive amounts of business-critical data, including sales documents, drawings, project documentation, accounting information, employee payrolls, and purchasing orders. It’s critical to ensure this data is backed up and recoverable in the event of a significant data loss. There’s a huge variety of potential ways to lose data, such as database […]

With more and more companies refusing to report any breaches, computer crimes just keep rising and rising. People are becoming more and more comfortable to share their information via the Internet with it being the biggest form of information exchange. Do you see a problem? Well, we do! With people relying on emails as their […]

If you send emails and you fail to encrypt them, your business is at risk! Have you: Sent proposals and quotes as an attachment in email? Sent login and password information in an email? Sent your banking information or credit card information through email? Discussed confidential projects through email? If you answered YES to these […]

Are you taking advantage of social media and innovative technologies? If not, you’re missing a huge opportunity to grow your small business and increase your customer base. Here are 6 tips to help you harness the power of technology: 1.     Use Social Media Websites Social media websites enable consumers to access critical information about your […]

Apple iPhone with iOS 7 offers an extensive amount of features, however, there’s been a lot of complaints about the mobile operating system’s battery life. Here’s 6 ways to keep iOS 7 devices powered for a longer amount of time: 1.     Stop Background Motion Apple’s iPhone with iOS 7 has a neat feature called Background […]

Did you recently switch to an iPhone? Or maybe you’ve used an iPhone for years? Either way, there’s a few hidden tips and tricks to discover! But if you don’t have time to search for them, here’s the best tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your iPhone: 1.     Listen to […]