Reports in leading newspapers throughout North America state that: Approximately 79% of small businesses don’t.   What does this mean for them—and for you, if you don’t? Decreased market share. Higher operational costs per employee. Shrinking profitability. The inability to effectively compete. Did you know that? Businesses that invest in a Sound IT Strategy, outperform […]

Similar to the hit TV show Criminal Minds, the FBI was hard at work in South Florida and Atlanta over the past week. As a result of their hard work, multiple cybercriminals and personal identity thieves were busted. The Miami Herald reports that the FBI tasks force arrested six cybercriminals, many of who worked at AT&T […]

In the past, tech geeks were the only ones with the ability to successfully hack a business website. But those days are long behind us! Nowadays, it’s fairly simple for almost anyone to hack a business website without much difficulty or effort. In fact, a computer hacker can use a search engine to find all […]

Contact Us Right Away! “Heartbleed” one of the most serious vulnerabilities to ever hit the Internet,caused problems for wireless and wired networks around the world this past April. It exploited every website that existed on the Internet at that time. Symantec, a US-based technology company that makes security software, just uncovered a spam campaign using […]

Communication is one of the most important key aspects of any properly functioning company or organization. While communicating via telephones and word of mouth are reasonably satisfactory ways of sharing information, organizations today rely on email as a principal method of communicating with staff members, partners and clients. Your email infrastructure plays a vital role […]

The Heartbleed SSL Bug, one of the most serious vulnerabilities to ever hit the Internet,caused problems for enterprise wireless and wired networks about two months ago.  Since then, it has been patched and dealt with.  Or so we thought.  Now, a similar vulnerability is causing problems — CUPID.    CUPID uses the same exploit as […]

The iPhone and iPad are very popular devices that help you become more productive in your daily life. There are plenty of ways to use your device faster and more efficiently. The following list contains some of the best tips and tricks for iPhone and iPad users. iPad tricks Thumb typing keyboard You can convert […]

Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated than ever before! They’re so experienced at what they do – they may have attacked your network already. According to a recent cyber security report, 1,565 out of 1,614 monitored networks were attacked throughout a six-month period between October 2013 and March 2014. When your network is attacked, your business […]

Oxford Dictionary’s 2013 word of the year was ‘selfie’. Every smartphone user has likely used their phone to take a photo of themself. But what happens if your phone is stolen? According to a Consumer Reports survey, 3.1 million Americans have had their phones stolen in 2013. Cellphone carriers are not going to solve this […]

Today’s rough economy is forcing businesses to downsize their workforce. Now that there are fewer employees, more important information is distributed to each individual. If too many employees have access to sensitive assets, there is more potential for unauthorized action. The first way to prevent internal threats is to limit which employees have authority to […]