What does innovation mean to you? For most, innovation is the combination of potential and creativity; it’s a method of solving problems, seizing new opportunities, and achieving higher standards of operating and living in today’s modern business marketplace. Ultimately, innovation is necessary for businesses looking to thrive and succeed. Would you consider your business to […]

Your Anti-Virus Software & Firewalls WON’T Protect Your Machines Against this Dangerous Type of Ransomware! Ransomware has quickly become a huge threat to businesses of all types and sizes. Not sure what ransomware is all about? Allow us to explain: ransomware is a form of malware that infects machines, then encrypts all of the files […]

STOP THROWING AWAY YOUR HARD EARNED REVENUES BECAUSE YOUR COMPUTER NETWORK WAS SETUP BY SOMEONE THAT DIDN’T KNOW WHAT THEY WERE DOING!  Simple enough!   Don’t Worry!  Your IT experts are here.  We will fix that horrible IT network you have and put everything right. You Can Maintain Your Good Reputation & High Profitability With Reliable […]

Are you overwhelmed with the time and hassle associated with procuring hardware and software at a reasonable price? Fortunately, there’s no need to worry! Digivie provides IT management services to help you eliminate technology-related headaches! To learn more, give us a call at (613) 277-2312 or send us an email at info@digivie.com. When you’re looking to invest […]

Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday updates have been released – a total of nine updates and three of them are rated critical to address various issues in IE and all versions (6 through 11) of Windows. If you haven’t updated your PCs and applied these patches, you’re at risk for becoming victim to serious vulnerabilities that allow […]

There is nothing more frustrating than being pressed for time and your printer jams. Of course, it always happens when you have a very important deadline looming. Murphy’s Law is cruel, after all. You run over to the printer, clear out the jammed paper, and think you are in the clear. Wait, nothing is coming […]

It’s never easy to let go of an employee, but sometimes, it simply has to be done; whether you’ve fired the employee or the employee decided to move on to another company. So what happens to your sensitive business data when an employee leaves the company? Is it necessary to involve an IT support company […]

The Sunrise Calendar is the best calendar available. Period. The iPhone’s basic calendar is fine, don’t get us wrong, and if all you’re looking for is something to remind you about that dentist appointment, you need look no further. But it doesn’t go above and beyond the normal call of duty. If you want something […]

Did you say free? That’s always a word that’s worth looking into if it comes from someone you trust. Keeping up with the news or articles online can be pretty challenging these days, especially if you want a balanced approach by reading from multiple sources. Creating bookmarks or sending yourself an email with the subject […]

The cloud enables you and your staff members to store and access data and applications over the Internet, as opposed to storing and accessing data and applications via your computer’s hard drive. As businesses around the world are using the cloud more than ever before, many business owners are wondering what it’s all about. When […]