What worked for SEO practices just a couple years ago may not work next year in 2015. Keyword stuffing was once effective, and then search algorithms were changed to prevent this exploitation and it got snuffed. Private link networks are now being decimated by “thin content” penalties. Let’s go over the latest trends in SEO […]

IT Nation: the annual three-day conference every service provider looks forward to! On November 12th to 14th, DigiVie attended IT Nation in Orlando, FL to learn about the latest best practices and industry trends, in order to better serve your business! What’s IT Nation All About? Why do service providers around the world look forward […]

The right information systems allow your business to expand quickly and efficiently – simplifying your day-to-day operations and reaching new levels of productivity and profitability; however, if you’re not taking advantage of the right business IT services, your business won’t benefit as much as possible from the world of information technology. Don’t settle for less […]

After reading this, you will wonder why you didn’t listen to the title in the first place. Adobe Flash is needed on all computers that are connected to the Internet. It provides browsers with the ability to view multimedia, run amazing applications, and stream video and audio. But there’s a problem, and here it is. […]

DigiVie, Ottawa’s leading IT services and business telephone solutions company, has recertified as a Zultys Certified Systems Expert! As technology, including business phone systems, continues to evolve at a rapid rate, it’s fundamental to recertify, in order to stay ahead of the latest advancements and features. DigiVie: The Leading VoIP Provider for Ottawa Businesses Looking […]

Businesses are dedicating more and more of their budgets to IT expenses. With 2015 approaching, you may be wondering how much of your budget should go towards improving your tech infrastructure. And once you’ve figured out how much you can spend on IT, you’ll have to decide how much to invest in each specific area […]

DigiVie, a leading IT support company in Ottawa, ON, attended the Microsoft Cloud Partner Summit in Montreal, QC to look over and discuss cloud offerings – from Office 365 to Azure and other hosted services. The summit gave us an opportunity to explore the latest industry trends and challenges, in order to better serve our […]

You hear a lot about the cloud in tech news. But a recent survey of IT directors found that the cloud isn’t exactly catching on like wildfire as the media would have you believe, as least not quite yet in the world of business. That recent survey was conducted by Reconnix, a trading firm that […]

How much are you paying for your current phone service? We already know the answer: TOO MUCH! It seems like traditional phone services are becoming more and more expensive; and of course, they don’t provide the enterprise-grade features that a modern business needs to stay competitive. DigiVie has the right solution: VoIP systems designed to […]

How closely do you guard your passwords? Probably pretty well, most of them are likely stored in a little notebook by your desk, or in an encrypted storage program, or even just kept up in a mental rolodex. We’re coming to an understanding that in the digital age the password can be the keys to […]