Have you heard of ICANN? It’s the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, and its terms went into effect at the beginning of last year. Registrars have since been held to higher standards when verifying the information supplied by registrants; seemingly a good thing, though it’s brought along with it some unintended consequences. The […]

Malware infections are on the rise. A report that was done by PandaLabs found that there were twice as many malware infections in 2014 compared to the year before. What’s even worse? 2015 will likely seen that number increase again. Who’s Affected? There were plenty of security stories making headline news in 2014. CryptoLocker was […]

There are a number of smart and inventive ways to market your business – think about where your audience spends a great deal of their time.  It’s not a leap to say that email is the easiest and possibly most effective way to reach your business audience. Sure, it may not be as fancy as […]

A major update came from Google this week – its mobile search algorithm has changed the way websites are ranked when users make searches from their phones. Now, the algorithm will favor mobile-friendly websites. What does that encompass? Large text Easy-to-click links Sites that resize to fit whatever screen they’re viewed on This means a […]

When you’re trying to stay organized there’s nothing worse than an untidy inbox. And even the most organized professionals have trouble keeping their email in check – whether you’re in the office or relaxing at home after hours, the messages don’t stop coming. How many emails are usually waiting each time you check your inbox? […]

Most IT companies aren’t talking to their clients enough about how to avoid phishing scams. Yes, malware and other online attacks are dangerous, but unlike most of those, phishing scams are hard to detect and directly target you and your employees smartly disguised as an offer or urgent email. Once a cybercriminal has obtained your […]

Are you keeping up with critical system updates to ensure your business stays protected? Microsoft has released a patch for a critical vulnerability in the Windows HTTP protocol stack. Known as HTTP.sys, it could have disastrous consequences once it’s publicly exploited. The latest bulletin features four critical updates issued by Microsoft. They warn that exploiting […]

Hundreds of new iPhone apps pop up every week, so it can be tough to figure out which ones you should be paying attention to. When you’re looking for apps to help out with business processes, there’s a lot on the market. We’ve broken down some of the newest and most useful apps that you […]

Have you used Pinterest for business yet? If not, you might be missing out on an entire audience for your brand. Pinterest is a social platform built around sharable images – opportunities for shopping come sleekly disguised as recipes, DIY projects and a whole lot of photos of puppies. For consumers it’s a place to […]

Are you getting the run-around from other managed IT services companies? Too many other teams around here care only about their paychecks and not the services they provide. We know that a great partnership is the key to mutual success, which is why we pride ourselves on giving your business the best services and support […]