Data warehousing is relatively easy to understand, in theory. It’s easy for an IT company to sit across from you and promise that if you implement data warehousing, all of your problems will be solved. But does your IT company really understand data warehousing? And furthermore, can they vocalize the core benefits to you intelligently? […]

Here’s how to tell which MSP you’ll be happy with a year from now before you even sign a contract: When you’re initially looking into outsourcing IT support for your accounting firm, the problem you’ll run into is that all of your options look the same on paper. It’s tempting to just flip a coin, […]

Microsoft used to receive a lot of criticism for the price of their software. They had arguably the best products on the market, but even still, were they worth a three-digit price per program?  How do they justify charging $110 for just a word processer? Then came cloud computing, which allowed Microsoft to shift from […]

Phones are the lifeblood of a business’ communications. Email is great, but really, nothing compares to hearing a person’s voice when you’re trying to connect with clients or partners. But so many businesses are trapped in expensive and clunky phone plans that just don’t deliver much bang for the buck you pay. That’s why many […]

The Bloatware Bundling Issue and What You Can Do About It 3rd party apps will enhance your Windows experience. We’re not trying to disparage Microsoft:  Internet Explorer is a decent browser, and Office is an excellent product suite. But the 3rd party community gives you more options, and often those other options are superior. How […]

It’s Time to Spring Clean Your Technology – Schedule a Network Evaluation Before It’s Too Late! Whether you’re cleaning out the attic, getting rid of old furniture, or simply organizing your household, spring cleaning is a great feeling – it’s getting ready for a new start that leaves you feeling refreshed. Why stop there? Spring […]

Your child may be able to get Office 365 for free. Putting kids through school is expensive. Even public school will take shots at your budget with textbooks, lab fees, field trips, band instrument rentals, $100+ graphing calculators, reams of paper, and printer ink worth its weight in gold. These expenses add up over time. […]

Organization is the key to keeping your business at its best, but that’s always easier said than done, right? There are so many tools out there that claim to help us keep all the little things that come up in the course of daily business filed and organized, but too many people just have no […]

To celebrate Accounting Day, here is a look at how moving to cloud-based computing could benefit your firm. May 18 Is Accounting Day.  Are Your IT Systems In Order? There is a good reason why cloud computing is on the rise. Firms moving to the cloud can realize significant savings on hardware acquisition and maintenance; […]