Install iOS 9.0.1 As a Fix to Your Technology Headache! Apple Releases iOS 9.0.1 as Bug Fix to Remedy Paralyzed Phones The first update for iOS 9 has officially been released with the intention of fixing several bugs, including a major one that prevented some users from updating and installing the new OS. Problems with […]

Discover 6 Mind-Blowing Tips to Keep Your Battery Alive! Smartphone batteries are a daily source of angst for many people, as getting through a busy day on a full charge seems like somewhat of an impossible dream at times. In reality, smartphone batteries have come a long way since the arrival of the smartphone, and […]

Email has, without a doubt, revolutionized the way we stay connected. Whether at home, in the office, or on the go – your email provides an easy and effective way to connect with clients, co-workers, and even family. Email is essential to seamlessly managing your caseloads; but it’s crucial that you’re also managing your inbox […]

Analysts and press were invited by Microsoft to an event being held on Oct. 6th in New York City, and it is expected that this will be the stage where the next generation Surface Pro will be unveiled. Anticipation is growing for the event as everybody is excited to learn about the “exciting news to […]

Workers Using Gambling Apps On Their Phones Put Business Data at Major Risk! It turns out that employees working for large global companies are compromising IT security and putting sensitive business data stored on their devices at risk – by doing something as simple as adding a gambling app on their phone. A security firm […]

If you are someone who bought an iPhone or iPad a couple years ago, chances are, it’s either getting a little sluggish, or you’ve stopped using it because it got a lot sluggish. We all like to get the most out of our money, and with the price of Apple products, we figure you’d love […]

Desperate times call for desperate measures, or so we’ve heard, but do you really want to hire a computer guy you’re not 100% certain is great? Think about it: everything you do within your organization depends on technology. If your technology doesn’t work properly, you can’t get anything done – and that means losing valuable […]

If you’ve kept up on the latest news, you’ve likely noticed a multitude of hacks occurring throughout the past few months. A common way for cybercriminals to steal and disclose confidential information is through hacking the wireless network. That’s why I’ve searched for the perfect way to help home computer users secure their Wi-Fi against […]

New Road Rules Mean That Distracted Driving Will Cost You Dearly! New rules have taken effect that greatly increase penalties for failing to give your undivided attention to the road. Ontario drivers who are caught with their eyes off the road for any reason will face not only fines, but demerit points as well. Last year […]

Microsoft’s Latest Browser: Microsoft Edge, Of Course! For line-of-business applications that require ActiveX, VBScript, or Browser Helper Objects, many businesses have set their standards to older versions of Internet Explorer. Older versions of IE have continued to hold in there, regardless of Microsoft’s attempts to get users to upgrade, for compatibility reasons. Chris Jackson, software […]