With all the reported problems from government-sponsored electronic medical records (EMRs) providers, one may wonder if Canada will ever make the switch. Only 10 percent of the market has responded positively to an initiative into which government has poured more than $10 billion over the past 10 years; in fact, many doctors say they will […]

The Dell 43 Multiclient Monitor, also known as the P4317Q, is designed for the future of professional computer users and hard-core gamers, both of whom are looking for more immersion and information from their displays. Before the Dell 43, in most cases, these gamers, stock traders and marketing pros would have had to invest in […]

The world seems ready to move to electronic medical records; however, not everything about the transition is rosy. Although the debacle of Canada Post and Cancer Care Ontario losing 12,000 cancer patient records is signing the death knell to snail mail and paper administration, many doctors are still wary of the world of EMR as […]

As one of the leading brands in the electronic medical records industry, TELUS currently serves over 13,600 physicians and maintains nine million patient files. However, is it the right solution for your clinic? Let’s take a closer look. What is TELUS Practice Solutions? The PS suite, or “Practice Solutions” suite is designed to give doctors […]

Many of the concerns about upgrading to Windows 10 have to do with the initial compatibility of the operating system with the computer. Before you commit yourself to an upgrade, you can manually run a Windows compatibility checker if the program does not automatically check for compatibility when you start. Here is the process for […]

It’s called Clutter, but it might as well be called Confusion. Microsoft’s new feature can cost you business if that important email ends up in the Clutter file, and you don’t realize it. In 2014, Microsoft rolled out Clutter for Office 365 customers. The idea is to filter your emails based on which ones you […]

In the world of business, you can never be too prepared for unforeseen disasters which can set your IT systems back, and consequently your ability to do business as well. Classically, business continuity disaster recovery (BCDR) was laborious, complex, and even unreliable. With virtualization like cloud backup and other IT solutions that make your business […]

The use of multiple displays, or more than one monitor, can make it easier for employees to organize, manage, and work on large tasks. However, purchasing additional monitors for every employee can quickly become expensive. Does it make sense for your business? Following are some pros and cons to consider to help determine the value […]

For the small or medium-sized business owner, keeping up with all the latest information technology can be challenging. You’re already incredibly busy with day-to-day business concerns, so you may simply not have enough time to do everything. The only problem is your employees may be slowly building up resentment and frustration towards the company because […]

Cybersecurity researchers at Cisco recently announced that they uncovered computer backdoors created by a relatively unknown French marketing company called Tuto4PC. The backdoor highlighted by Cisco’s digital security experts provides software makers with access to 12 million PCs across the globe. It is quite the shocking discovery and will undoubtedly turn out to be one […]